Business 1, Lesson 25 – Going the Extra Mile

Writing Assignment: 1. Write a one-paragraph answer for each of these questions:

What am I willing to settle for as having achieved one year from now?

What am I willing to settle for as having achieved on my 18th birthday?

What am I willing to settle for as having achieved at age 25?

2. Write 250 words on this: “How can the strategy of going the extra mile help me attain these goals?”

One year from now, at age 15, I would like to be either starting or already well into my CLEP and DSST cram courses. Then, in a few years, I can take the exams and graduate collage. I’d also like to be able to pay for the courses, or at least majorly contribute to their purchasing. I intend to achieve this by making some money from trading in the stock market and doing business on Fiverr.

By my 18th birthday, I want to be starting a business, possibly in real estate, or interior design, or owning a few houses to AirBnb, like my father. Those are two jobs I have most interest in. I also want to own a car, whether I make that purchase completely independently or pay most of the expenses. Though cars are more of an investment, so if my business is successful, I hope to be able to maintain it properly. By 18, I hope to be almost completely independent.

At age 25, 11 years from now, I would like to continue growing my business as much as possible, and have a steady income to support me and my family. By then I’ll be married and living out of my parents’ house.

Going the extra mile means doing more than just what you were paid to do, and doing it gladly. It means arriving at work 15 minutes early, staying 15 minutes after your shift is up to make sure everything you needed to do was done. Going the extra mile can help achieve these goals because by doing more than what I was paid to do, I’ll get more tasks done, and people will have a better image of me, which could lead to recommending me for promotions or other, higher paying jobs.

I’ve seen a lot of students talking about what their calling will be in essays on this topic. But I am not sure what my calling will be, unless you want to count being a mother. But I do know that no matter what my calling is, going the extra mile will most definitely help me do the best I can in it. As a mother, going the extra mile would mean signing them up for extracurriculars so they can meet other kids and make friends, packing them their favorite lunches when they go to these activities, clearing time on my schedule to spend time with them, and more. If your calling isn’t as a mother, you can still benefit from going the extra mile. Making time to improve yourself as a person and as an asset, you can make yourself a desirable employee. Put in 10 minutes a day to raise your typing and reading speeds, and you’ll steadily improve. Learn how to write and speak better, and you’ll become a much more desirable worker.

3 thoughts on “Business 1, Lesson 25 – Going the Extra Mile

  1. Proofread your work..”college” is spelled wrong in the first paragraph, and a few scattered ideas and unnecessary commas. Read your paper outlook to yourself, and see if the punctuation makes sense. Great read, and I’m excited that you want to do interior design.

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