English 1, Lesson 90 – The Benefits of Writing an Autobiography

Write 500 words on this: “What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?”

There are different benefits to writing an autobiography depending on your target audience. You could be writing the autobiography for yourself, for your family, or for the general public.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of writing an autobiography for yourself. One benefit is that it is a chance to reflect on yourself, see what you might want to change about yourself. Another benefit is that you can think back on the wonderful memories of people and events that you are including in your autobiography. Also, if you are writing for yourself, you do not have to worry about what you say, since no one will read it. You can write anything, almost like a journal, but written in one sitting rather than throughout your life.

Writing for your family is a bit different. Your children will read it, and maybe your grandchildren. You can include lessons you have learned in your life that you want to teach your children and grandchildren. They can learn about your life and how things were back in your time. You can also choose who in your family will read it. Just your spouse? Just your children? Just immediate family, or everyone you are related to in any way? For each of these audiences you can include numerous different events. You can include fun events that will bring back good memories, as a sentiment you and your siblings and anyone else who was there for the event may enjoy. If I write an autobiography, I will be sure to write about a number of events that my cousins and siblings and I can laugh about. I will include the time the 8 of us all got onto the swing at our cousin’s house and spun so fast that half of us fell off, and the time we all went to the Poconos together and when we went moon sighting and my brother thought the moon was a streetlamp. Because I am writing it for my family, I do not have to only include major events that will contribute to the story of my life, I can write about all the small, good memories. Since they are part of my family, they will already know about the big events, because I will have told them, or another family member will.

When writing about your life for the public, you must keep in mind that they do not know anything about you. Or, if you have done something to make yourself famous, they might only know you for what you have done and nothing else. So you can put some small events that your family will understand and remember, but you also must include bigger events that will tell the public about your life. Say I am a famous writer, a big event in my life might be the first book I ever published, which I will have to include because it furthers the timeline of my life. I can still put in the story of spinning on the swing until we flew off, but I must have the first book I published.

So in conclusion, there are multiple different benefits to writing an autobiography depending on your target audience. Writing for yourself gives you freedom to write whatever you want since you are the only one who will ever read it. Writing for your family gives you freedom to leave out some major instances and mostly pack it with memories, both good and bad. Lastly, writing your autobiography for the public allows you to tell the world about your life and how life was at your time.

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