English 1, Lesson 75 – Plunkitt on Patriotism and Getting a Job

Write 500 words on this topic: “How serious was Plunkitt about patriotism’s connection to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election?”

George Washington Plunkitt strongly believed in patriotism and being a transparent politician. He helped countless people in need, in exchange for their vote. If there was a fire in the city, Plunkitt was there, often before the fire department. He offered his spare rooms to those who had lost their homes until they could find another home, and he found jobs for those who just lost theirs, or were just stepping into the job market. He helped give children opportunities to grow their talents and learn trades, as he believed them the future of America.

While Plunkitt often implored young men to get government jobs, he was not fond of the Civil Service Act, which he thought was killing patriotism in said young men. He did not like that if a man wanted to serve his country, he had to take a test filled with ridiculous and irrelevant questions such as, “How many cubic inches of water are in the Atlantic?” or, “What is the quality of sand in the Sahara Desert?” as Plunkitt said.

Plunkitt also tells a story of a feverishly patriotic young man who wanted nothing more than to work in the government, so he took the civil service test, but failed. He was so discouraged by this failure that he decided to move to Cuba and enroll in the Spanish army! He died in the Spanish army, fighting against America, his own country. As for the credibility of this story, I cannot say that is true, but Plunkitt used it to demonstrate his point: the Civil Service Act was destroying the nation from the inside.

In conclusion, Plunkitt was an honest politician who gained votes by helping the needy. He believed that the Civil Service Act should be abolished because it killed patriotism in young men. He wanted young men to be patriotic, take government jobs, serve their country. He firmly believed that patriotism was connected to getting jobs, as patriotic men would best serve the country they loved.

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