Business 1, Lesson 120 – 15 Benefits

List 15 benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum. For each of the benefits, offer a personal testimony (proof). If this takes less than 30 minutes, add more benefits/proof.

The Ron Paul Curriculum has many benefits and gives students many advantages over our peers. We learn the skills of effective writing, reading, personal finance, and time management, among others. Today I am going to talk about 15 of the RPC’s benefits and how we have helped me so far in my academic career.

The first benefit is effective writing. The RPC has weekly writing assignments that allow students to practice and improve our writing skills. In my first year, my essays were quite disjointed, not well structured, and often contained scrambled wording. As of this year, my writing has greatly improved. I can now get my point across clearly without too many words.

For the second benefit, RPC students learn how to take good notes. Especially if we take the Academic Boot Camp, or ABC, we will learn how to take concise, clear notes. Comparing my notes from this year and my first year with the RPC, I have gotten much better at taking quick notes to remind myself of the lesson material.

The third benefit is time management. Students of the RPC learn the extremely important and exceedingly difficult skill of managing our own time. Students in public schools and online schools with live teachers do not learn this. The Ron Paul Curriculum uses prerecorded video lectures instead of live lessons, so we students must make ourselves do the lesson on time, no bell or email to tell them when to do what. We decide our own schedule, and have to follow it. Before I started the RPC, I did not have much of a proper schedule. I barely ever finished my schoolwork, and it was not much of a priority. Once I started the RPC, however, I had to learn how to make a schedule and stick to it. Most people struggle greatly with time management, and I am no different. While I still struggle to get work done on time, I am significantly better than I was in my first year of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Benefit number four is self-accountability. Just like students must manage our own time, we also have to account for ourselves. The curriculum is self-taught, meaning parents are not required to check in with our kids and see how much progress we made. Students are required to make sure we finish what we need to finish on time, without someone checking in.

The fifth benefit is that the RPC offers two business courses. They teach advertising and how to start your own business, among other business tidbits. I have not gotten to the second course yet, but so far I have learned how to write a good advertisement, and have written one for my father’s convertible.

    Benefit number six is a flexible schedule. Since the RPC is based on prerecorded video lectures, students decide for themselves when to watch the lessons. Dr. North recommends that we finish our schoolwork in the morning so we have the afternoons free to do extracurriculars, but that does not necessarily mean we have to do that. We can do our lessons whenever works for us depending on more time-sensitive extracurriculars or meetups. For example, last year I had a weekly coop I went to every Tuesday from 10am to about 2pm. Since the lectures are prerecorded, I was able to do some lessons before I went out and I did the rest when I got home.

    The seventh benefit, the course material for the RPC is free, with the exception of some books for the business courses. Most of the reading assignments can be found on online websites or as downloadable pdfs from the instructors. The only course material I had to buy were some business books that I bought on amazon kindle.

    The eighth benefit is the weekly review. For every four lessons, the fifth is a review of the previous four. This solidifies the lesson material because the more times you hear something, the more you remember it. The brain discards any useless information, so anything that is only mentioned once or twice will be forgotten.

    The ninth benefit is a public speaking course. For students in the 9th grade, the RPC offers a public speaking course. While I still get extremely nervous while presenting a speech, I am much more comfortable in front of an audience than I was before taking the course.

    Benefit ten is the Academic Boot Camp, or ABC. This is a quick course on how to get the most out of your studies. It teaches notetaking, how to set up a home office, and something called flypaper memory. Flypaper memory is a study technique where you teach whatever you learned to the wall. Studies show that when you teach something, you remember 90% of it, whereas if you passively listen, you learn only about 15%! I use this method all the time and have been able to remember so much of what I learned in my classes.

    The eleventh benefit is that the RPC teaches students how to use important websites. Students are implored to start a WordPress blog to post our essays to, and are taught more about it in the 8th grade science course. We learn the basics of how to create and use a YouTube channel, and in the public speaking course, the instructor includes a little mini tutorial for Evernote.

    The twelfth benefit of the RPC is the personal finance course. The course covers topics such as how to write and cash a check, how to manage your money, and how banks work, among other finance topics.

    The thirteenth benefit is that you can see other students’ works on the forums. This allows us to grade each other, since the teachers are rarely present to do so. Students grading students instead of instructors grading students means that both parties benefit. The student giving the feedback will become apt at spotting mistakes or better ways to write something, which he can then implement in his own essay. Or speech. The student receiving the feedback will also benefit because he now knows his weak spots and can make sure to work on them for his next essay or speech. This way, both parties get better at writing or speaking.

    Benefit number fourteen is that the lessons are short, each taking about an hour to fully complete. This frees up the rest of day so students can do extracurriculars or whatever else we feel like doing. Because I procrastinate, I usually finish around 2 or 3 pm, but that still means I have the rest of the day until 9pm to learn other skills and play games or sports.

    And finally, benefit fifteen is that the courses are taught by professionals in the field. Most of the instructors have PhDs, or are college professors. This ensures that students are taught properly and are not given misinformation.

    To conclude, the Ron Paul Curriculum has many great benefits for students of all ages. The curriculum helps ambitious students become better suited to enter the real world, armed with knowledge and skills.

Published by Sofia Hussain

I like reading, writing, and gaming. I love dogs and chickens. I can play some songs on piano. I can speak like a tourist in Spanish, and I hope to be fluent someday. Linguistics, accents, and nonverbal communication fascinate me greatly. I hope to learn more about them.

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