English II, Week 1 – Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

Write 500 words on this topic: “Discuss the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3.” Consider such things as Adam’s relation to God, Eve’s relation to Adam and God, and the serpent’s relation to Adam, Eve, and God.

In the beginning, God created everything. The universe, the Earth, the animals, and plants. He created man and named him Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden. Later he created a wife for Adam, and called her Eve. Together, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. They were allowed to eat from any tree except for one. One day, a serpent came along and persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. She did, and gave some fruit to her husband too. God came and punished each of them. The serpent’s punishment was to crawl on his belly across the ground and for men and women to step on his head. Eve’s punishment was to have painful labor and be submissive to her husband. Adam’s punishment was to have to earn his survival by the sweat of his brow. All three were condemned to live on earth and work for their survival.

God is at the top of this hierarchy, as he is the creator of everything and the bringer of judgement. He is a sovereign God, no one judges him.

Adam is below God in the hierarchy, but above Eve and the serpent. God said man would step on the head of the serpent, and that woman would be submissive to man and bear his child. Man’s curse was to live on earth and work to survive. Because God is above him in the hierarchy and brings judgement upon him, man must worship God and follow his law so that he is not judged as an evildoer.

Eve is above the serpent, but below Adam and God. Her punishment was to give birth and to submit to her husband. Since she is the one who took the fruit and offered it to her husband, she has a worse punishment than man does.

The serpent is at the bottom of the hierarchy. He persuaded Eve to disobey God, and for that he was cursed to slither on his belly and to be stepped on by men and women. He got the worst punishment of all for persuading Eve to eat the fruit in the first place.

    In genesis 1-3, the hierarchy starts with God at the top. Man is below Him, and woman below man. The serpent is at the bottom. Although man and woman are above the serpent, they all still have to work to survive.

3 thoughts on “English II, Week 1 – Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

  1. Good discussion! The explanation explains the heiarchy and how they were punished! Good job on this one.

    There is a little bit too much repetition, so let me know if that was to fulfill the 500 word count?


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