Three Ways the Ron Paul Curriculum Changed my Life (And Can Change Yours)

    If I’m being honest, I didn’t do much schoolwork in my elementary to middle school years. I had some workbooks, but I didn’t do them often. A page or two here, another page there. I spent most of my time drawing, writing little stories, and playing, either video games or outside. When I was about 13, my parents set me up with the Ron Paul Curriculum. It was such a sudden switch for me, as the curriculum is much, much more rigorous than the method of schooling I had been doing before. While it was a tough adjustment, switching over to the Ron Paul Curriculum had many benefits for me.

#1: Become A Great Writer

    The Ron Paul Curriculum assigns weekly essays for English, History, and some of other courses that are more on and off. These weekly writing assignments have helped me improve my writing skills greatly. I’ve seen many students’ writing abilities increase over the years, especially my fellow grade-mates. I myself have improved greatly since starting the Curriculum. The difference between the essays I wrote when I first started compared to the essays I write today is immense. And thanks to the Ron Paul Curriculum sharpening my writing skills, I’m now able to work as a freelance ghostwriter on as well.

#2: Learn Time Management and Self-Accountability

    The Ron Paul Curriculum is very rigorous in terms of time management. Students are expected to finish their pre-recorded video lessons by the afternoon each day, so that your afternoons are free for extracurricular activities. Aside from the fact that RPC is designed for students to finish early in the day, it also teaches time management and self-accountability. These are two great skills that almost everyone in the world struggles with. It’s tough to manage your own time and make sure that your day stays on track. For students to build this skill at an earlier age than most is a great advantage to them in the real world. When I first joined the RPC, I wouldn’t even finish my daily lessons most days. Over the years, I’ve been gradually getting better at managing my time, and now I finish my schoolwork around 4pm most days. This is still later than the expected 12-1pm finish time, but the point is that I’m actually finishing my lessons most days now. This newfound skill of time management and self-accountability will be very helpful when I go off to college, and then enter the job market.

#3: Take Amazing Courses Aside From the Fundamentals

    Starting from 8th Grade, the Ron Paul Curriculum has some extremely informative and useful courses aside from the fundamental English, History, Math, and Science. Since I joined the RPC in Grade 8, I’ve done a personal finance course, a public speaking course, and two business courses. Next year, my courses will include Economics, and the year after that, Government 1A and 1B. These courses teach students the important life-skills that the common core school system doesn’t teach them. In Personal Finance, students learn how to manage their money, pay bills and taxes, and just how to do all things concerning money. In Public Speaking, students study great orators, then learn how to write and deliver riveting speeches. In the two business courses, students learn the basics of the business world, and how to run and manage a business, and eventually start their own business! The Ron Paul Curriculum’s extra, not common core courses provide students with opportunities to start young in the world, and succeed.

    Overall, switching from random workbooks to the Ron Paul Curriculum was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I continue to benefit from it every day.

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