Business I, W8/L40 – What I’d Have to Give Up to Save 10% of my Income

Writing assignment, 250 words. “What would I have to give up in order to save 10% of my income?”

    This essay stumped me for a minute because I do not actually have any expenses. I do not regularly spend my money, rather I spend every now and again on food or a cool t-shirt when I go to the mall with my friends—which does not happen often. As of right now, I would not need to cut back on anything to regularly save 10% of my income. However, for the purpose of writing this essay, I imagined that I go out with my friends more often, at least twice a week, so that the spending would put a dent in my income. I also imagined that I spent more money on band merch than I do right now, and had my own subscription to an anime streaming website called Crunchyroll.

    All that said, in order to save 10% of my income, I would have to give up buying whatever band t-shirts I can find at Hot Topic, and the other accessories I like to purchase on mall trips. I would also need to cut down on the amount of times I go to the mall with my friends, since in this imaginary world I treat my friends to lunch every trip, which would end up costing me lunch for three or four people. In order to save 10% of my income, I would have to consider canceling my subscription to Crunchyroll, or swap my subscription for going to the mall twice or more times a week.


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