English II, Week 1 – Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

Write 500 words on this topic: “Discuss the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3.” Consider such things as Adam’s relation to God, Eve’s relation to Adam and God, and the serpent’s relation to Adam, Eve, and God. In the beginning, God created everything. The universe, the Earth, the animals, and plants. He created man andContinue reading “English II, Week 1 – Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3”

Western Civilization I, Week 4 – Socrates and Plato

What was the disagreement Socrates had with the Sophists? The Sophists were 5th century Greeks who taught public speaking and persuasion for a fee. They taught public speaking because at the time, being able to speak properly and persuade your audience was very important. One reason for this being that there were no lawyers, soContinue reading “Western Civilization I, Week 4 – Socrates and Plato”

Business II, Week 4 – My Favorite Product-Based Company

Write a 250-word essay on one of your favorite product-based companies.     There are two different types of businesses in the world. There are product-based businesses and service-based businesses. Product-based businesses sell mostly or exclusively items that the consumer can use to get something done. Service-based businesses provide some service for the consumer so he doesContinue reading “Business II, Week 4 – My Favorite Product-Based Company”

Western Civilization I, Week 3 – The Cyclopes and Ancient Greece

1. Read Homer’s description of the Cyclopes (plural) in Book 9 of The Odyssey. Would you describe them as having a civilization? Why or why not? Throughout history, civilization has been described in a few different ways. Many of these descriptions share some key attributes. Most civilizations had agriculture, some form of government, architecture, and commonlyContinue reading “Western Civilization I, Week 3 – The Cyclopes and Ancient Greece”

Business II, Week 3 – Harry Browne’s 5-Point Sales Process

Write a 250-word essay on Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process. Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process is simple and effective. He says to think of selling as a service to the customer, rather than manipulating or glib talking the customer into buying a product he may not want. In order to sell as a service, youContinue reading “Business II, Week 3 – Harry Browne’s 5-Point Sales Process”

Business II, Week 2 – Franchise vs. Independent

Write a 250-word essay comparing the franchise model against going independent and “doing your own thing.”     When starting a business, there are many different methods of ownership. In this essay I am going to be comparing two options. Joining a franchise versus going solo and starting a business on your own. Each has their risksContinue reading “Business II, Week 2 – Franchise vs. Independent”

Biology, Week 2 – Properties of Water

Describe some of the properties of water that make it so critical.     Water is essential to life on earth. Without it, there would be no plants, animals, humans, and any other living organisms. Water is made up of one oxygen molecule covalently bonded to two hydrogen molecules. Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon are considered theContinue reading “Biology, Week 2 – Properties of Water”

Western Civilization I, Week 2 – Minoan Crete

Write a summary of Minoan Crete. Minoan Crete is an island in the Mediterranean sea, near Greece. It was discovered and excavated by Arthur Evans. The Minoans are a mysterious people, as we do not have much documentation of theirs to go off of. All we have are some remnants of their art, writing, andContinue reading “Western Civilization I, Week 2 – Minoan Crete”

Western Civilization I, Week 1 – Important Events from Abraham to Moses

Write a brief overview of important events in Hebrew history from Abraham to Moses. The Abrahamic religions are very prominent in the world today, and as the name says, they start from Abraham. In this essay we are going to be looking at Hebrew history starting from the patriarch Abraham down to the prophet Moses.Continue reading “Western Civilization I, Week 1 – Important Events from Abraham to Moses”

Business II, Week 1 – The 3 Areas of Business

Write a 250-word essay on how the 3 areas of business apply to a business in your city. This can be a family business, a well-known business, or your favorite business. In my town there is a quaint little shop called the Hungry Hollow. The shop is pretty well known by the locals, and itContinue reading “Business II, Week 1 – The 3 Areas of Business”

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