Business II, Week 4 – My Favorite Product-Based Company

Write a 250-word essay on one of your favorite product-based companies.     There are two different types of businesses in the world. There are product-based businesses and service-based businesses. Product-based businesses sell mostly or exclusively items that the consumer can use to get something done. Service-based businesses provide some service for the consumer so he doesContinue reading “Business II, Week 4 – My Favorite Product-Based Company”

Business II, Week 3 – Harry Browne’s 5-Point Sales Process

Write a 250-word essay on Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process. Harry Browne’s 5-point sales process is simple and effective. He says to think of selling as a service to the customer, rather than manipulating or glib talking the customer into buying a product he may not want. In order to sell as a service, youContinue reading “Business II, Week 3 – Harry Browne’s 5-Point Sales Process”

Business II, Week 2 – Franchise vs. Independent

Write a 250-word essay comparing the franchise model against going independent and “doing your own thing.”     When starting a business, there are many different methods of ownership. In this essay I am going to be comparing two options. Joining a franchise versus going solo and starting a business on your own. Each has their risksContinue reading “Business II, Week 2 – Franchise vs. Independent”

Business II, Week 1 – The 3 Areas of Business

Write a 250-word essay on how the 3 areas of business apply to a business in your city. This can be a family business, a well-known business, or your favorite business. In my town there is a quaint little shop called the Hungry Hollow. The shop is pretty well known by the locals, and itContinue reading “Business II, Week 1 – The 3 Areas of Business”

Business 1, Lesson 120 – 15 Benefits

List 15 benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum. For each of the benefits, offer a personal testimony (proof). If this takes less than 30 minutes, add more benefits/proof. The Ron Paul Curriculum has many benefits and gives students many advantages over our peers. We learn the skills of effective writing, reading, personal finance, and timeContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 120 – 15 Benefits”

Business 1, Lesson 115 – 5 Student Benefits that Dr. North Did Not Include

Writing assignment: Write at least five student benefits of the RPC that I missed in the 26 Reasons landing page. Remember the rule: “Lead with the benefit. Follow with the proof.” Use your own experience as the proof. I have been homeschooling with the Ron Paul Curriculum, or RPC for short, for over two years now. ThisContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 115 – 5 Student Benefits that Dr. North Did Not Include”

Business 1, Lesson 90 – The Ideal Apprenticeship Job

Write 250 words on this topic: “The ideal apprenticeship job, and why.” The ideal apprenticeship job depends on the person, and what trade they would like to learn. For me, the ideal apprenticeship job would be to work for a person who successfully owns and manages numerous Airbnb homes, as that is the career pathContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 90 – The Ideal Apprenticeship Job”

Business 1, Lesson 85 – My Plan to Implement Carnegie’s Techniques in my Life

Writing assignment: 250 words on this topic: “My plan to implement one chapter in my life.” Carnegie’s book has so many amazing techniques for not only business, but day to day life as well, which is why I will not implement just one, but many chapters in my life. These techniques will definitely be helpfulContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 85 – My Plan to Implement Carnegie’s Techniques in my Life”

Business 1, Lesson 95 – Lifestyle in 20 Years

Write 250 words on this: “The lifestyle I want 20 years from now.”     20 years from now, I will be 35 years old, and I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world. My plan is to own multiple Airbnb vacation homes, and by the time I am 35, I will haveContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 95 – Lifestyle in 20 Years”

Business 1, Lesson 100 – Morality of Redistribution

    Writing assignment: 250 words: “Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?”     Take a moment and think about this. Would it be moral to give every student a C regardless of whether or not they did a better orContinue reading “Business 1, Lesson 100 – Morality of Redistribution”

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