Business 1, Lesson 55 – Increasing Efficiency

Writing assignment, 250 words: “What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency?”

Every day I tell myself that I will finish all my schoolwork by 2pm. Yet every day, I end up sitting at my desk at 6-7pm, still working. Why is this? Well, there are numerous things that suck up my time that do not need to be there.

First off, my phone is a big distraction. A double-edged sword, just like free time. Texting, watching YouTube videos, and browsing Pinterest are all big timewasters, even though they can often be extremely useful and informative. I can cut down on phone time by only going on it at the end of the day, perhaps after dinner, which we usually eat at around 5pm.

Second, I take breaks between my study time, as does anyone, but I often let my breaks drag on for too long. Breaktime should last 10-15 minutes for maximum efficiency, yet I find myself taking hour long breaks in the middle of the day. I go upstairs to stretch my legs or use the bathroom, but then I get distracted and start doing other things. To stop this from happening, perhaps I could set a timer for 15 minutes when I come up, and then when it rings, I go downstairs again.

Along with distractions away from my desk, there are also a few websites or apps that allure me into the trap of timewasting. is much more of an addicting site than it looks. I could spend hours trying to beat my typing speed and accuracy, and in fact I sometimes do. Checking my WordPress every half hour or so is another distraction that I could do without. I do not necessarily need to check my WordPress more than once a day, seeing as all I do is like my fellow students’ posts and comments and respond to comments I receive. Like with my phone, I can cut my WordPress time to after dinner. There is no urgency to respond to comments, I can take my time.

In conclusion, those are the three main things that distract me from my studies. I will work on keeping my focus on studying so that I hopefully have time after 2pm to do extracurriculars and leisure activities.

7 thoughts on “Business 1, Lesson 55 – Increasing Efficiency

  1. Yes, but I dont play video games until my school gets finished. I do check wp while listening 2 lectures and search for other things but i still get back 2 school. I even take my dog 4 a walk and i get back 2 school. I usually wake up at 8 or 9 and go 2 school til 2,3, or 4. Don’t do what i do, lol. Try 2 focus more on school and then do other activites.

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